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E-Z Garage Storage

Bin Slide Overhead Storage System

Bin Slide Overhead Storage System

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We designed the Bin Slide Overhead Storage System to utilize the wasted ceiling space above your garage door to store all of your seasonal or rarely used items in a bin or tote. Engineered to be durable, lightweight, and easy to install, our patented storage system allows for neat organization of your seasonal items, with zero wasted space. Hidden from street view, the Tote Slide provides a safe and secure way to store and organize your holiday totes. Made of high quality USA steel.

Installation Video:

  1. 37.5” x 62”

  2. Organizes 4 totes per system

  3. Load capacity: 200 LBS

  4. Manufactured with the highest quality powder-coated steel

  5. Expandable for extra storage

  6. Comes complete with all parts and hardware in one box

  7. Lifetime limited warranty

  8. Patented & patents pending


  10. 17-gallon totes:

    • 15” of clearance needed above garage door tracks

  11. 27-gallon totes:

    • 18” of clearance needed above garage door tracks


Overhead Tote Storage Lift and Organization System

System Holds 4+ 27 Gallon Totes/150 lbs (Totes Not Included) on the ceiling of your garage, either above the garage door or any location on the ceiling where proper struts can be drilled into.

The system is designed to provide storage space on the ceiling of your garage above the garage door, but can be installed in almost any space that has the proper struts to mount to. If you have 18″ of clearance above your garage door, then this system is right for you.

- Rails are Adjustable to Fit any Size

- Tote – Modular System 1x Rail

- System Holds 3 27 Gallon

- Totes Best Quality Powder Coated SteelLifetime Limited Warranty

*Totes Not Included


37.5" x 81"


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We are Specialists In Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Need some extra storage space in your garage? Our systems are designed to help homeowners take back their garage space and provide a safe, economical means to store all types of items either above the garage door, or overhead on the ceiling.

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